Children living with domestic abuse

Research Briefing now available

Our Research Briefing, reporting on social inequalities in domestic abuse experiences is now live. You can download it here.

The key points are:

• Among mothers of young children, 14% report experiencing abuse in the 6 year period since the birth of their child who is in the study With c.320,000 children in Scotland currently aged under 7 years old, this means that approximately 45,000 children aged under 7 are potentially affected by domestic abuse.

• The most commonly experienced forms of abuse were coercive control (11%), followed by physical violence (7%) and threats (7%).

• Compared to mothers in the highest income households, mothers on the lowest incomes were far more likely to experience any abuse, and they had 5 times greater odds of experiencing more types of abuse more often , highlighting the impact of poverty.

• For mothers who were both in the youngest age category and the poorest income category it is predicted that 1 in 3 experience some form of abuse. By contrast, 1 in 10 mothers who were neither in the youngest nor poorest categories are predicted to experience abuse.

You can read more about this research in our journal publication available here.